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2006-01-25 - 12:10 a.m.

End of Wk 2 - Cambridge Diet

I bought a month's supply of replacement meals so I didn't have to drive over to see the woman and get an official weigh in. FORTUNATELY, my scales seem to be pretty much in alignment with hers so I can tell you that I've lost another 4lb this week. Obviously not as good as last week's 11lb but you can't expect that to happen all the time can you?

I have actually spent most of the week frustrated and pissed off as my weight has remained the same for days and I was getting well pissed off with all the sacrifices for what amounted to nothing! You'd expect to lose a pound every couple of days wouldn't you? Well, it all kinda moved yesterday and today so if anyone is reading this and they are just starting out on the diet, don't fret if it stays the same for a few days, it'll come off, it has to - fer chrissake, you're only on 400 and so calories a day. I'll tell you what helped too, I felt strong enough and motivated enough to go back to the gym and was pleased to see that I burned up all of my calorific intake on the first machine. Cool, gotta be burning pure fat to keep going then heh?

The other stuff to note for future reference is that I haven't felt hungry, although my stomach has grumbled a little bit and I know that I am experiencing mild ketosis (burning fat) as I've got a horrible taste in my mouth all the time. I am paranoid that I have terrible breath. Apart from that I feel fine.

Weight loss wk 2 - 4lb
Total weight loss - 1 stone, 1lb (15lb)
current disgusting weight - 15 stone, 1lb (211lb)

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