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2006-01-14 - 12:32 a.m.

Day 3 Cambridge Diet

Apparently I'm in mild ketosis and I am burning up my fat as fuel. I should be starting to feel really healthy and alive.

The actuality is that I do feel really good but I am also so hungry I could eat the arse end out of a water buffalo! I've been ok all day and I haven't felt hunger but now it's late and my stomach is rumbling like an impending earthquake.

Still, according to my scales (which might not be the same as the consultants') I've lost 6lb. Of course, being me I'm still not happy and that's because it is still a way off my recent lowest weight and I am just working to get off all the fat I put on over the past couple months of gorging.

I'm on 415 calories a day and no solids have passed my lips in 3 days. It's weird innit? I had hypnotherapy today and had suggestions implanted in my subconscious that I would only eat 3 meals a day and that binging or picking between meals would become abhorent to me. Brilliant. I hope that this will keep me focussed long enough to get rid of this horrible blubber.

Weight according to my scales: A discusting 15.10lb (220lb)


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