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2006-01-17 - 8:41 p.m.

So ends my first week on the Cambridge Diet. I went to pick up my next month worth of supplies from the woman and tell her how I got on. I of course was also weighed.


11 pounds of fat in a week! How great is that? I know that starting my period and losing a lot of first week water will have a lot to do with that weightloss but I am still chuffed. I'm still not back at the lowest I was when I was dieting previously and I've only lost half of the 22lb I regained but at least it's something and my clothes, which were getting too uncomfortable for me to wear, are fitting again! Color me chuffed!

Got a powder now that I can use to make the shakes into a mousse which might make 'em more interesting. I've got a box of chocolate bars to use also. I believe that varying the diet will do a lot to keep me inspired and interested.

Ok, here are my current stats which are still absolutely disgusting but aren't nearly as bad as they have been.

WEIGHT: 15.5 stone (215lb)


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